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Industry Survey

The Media i Industry survey, easily the largest of its kind in market is a bi-annual program.

The surveys are aimed at improving communication and understanding within the media industry. This is achieved through collating attitudes and opinions on issues that are affecting the industry and tracking over time the sentiments and performance of agencies, media channels, and media owner sales representation.

Custom reporting is delivered to media agencies and media owners alike highlighting performance against key metrics and providing contextual relevance through both industry wide and market specific comparisons. Media owners are provided the opportunity to purchase questions within the survey with a maximum of 10 available per survey.

Media i hopes to create more meaningful discussions with its clients, agency partners and industry observers.

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Media i prohibits distribution and reproduction of survey data. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

For a more in depth presentation outlining market by market analysis and cross tabulations by various filters, please email us at...

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