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Media i


About Media i

Media i is Australia’s most consumed trade media channel amongst media agency professionals.

Our Network

Our digital network of over 250 premium, large format screens connects media professionals in over 70+ media agency locations delivering to the minute dynamic news and media information via a customised 15 minute loop.

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Easy access to great content

80%+ of screens are installed behind the agency curtain...

This ensures ongoing, easy to access content that provides media owner’s with greater reach to an ever important target audience.

Our industry content providers, coupled with Media i’s PR, industry news, and a wealth of advertiser content from every major media owner in the country, ensure media agency professionals remain educated and informed on all aspects of the media industry.

Our Philosophy

Associated with the Media Federation of Australia, Media i constantly seeks to improve communication within the media industry.

We look beyond...
...the screens to deliver our philosophy including our bi-annual Industry Surveys and our Media Representation Awards programs.

We believe...
...that the greatest media solutions are delivered through the successful collaboration and communication of media agencies and media owners.

Our Team

The Media i principles provide a complimentary blend of experience with successful backgrounds from media sales and media agencies.

Charles Parry-Okeden

Charles Parry-Okeden has 30 years' experience in advertising media sales and has since co-founded Executive Channel Network where he is currently Global CEO. In 2017 Charles was inducted into the Media Federation of Australia Hall of Fame and in 2019 appointed as the independent chair of the Outdoor Media Association and MOVE.

Chris Winterburn

Chris Winterburn has 25 years media industry experience working in various capacities for multinational media agencies. Chris is currently an executive Board Member of Executive Channel Holdings and Managing director of Media i. In 2019 Chris co-founded the B2B publishing business Mi-3 Australia.

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